Opus Film, TVP
Marcin Wrona
Marcin Wrona, Grażyna Trela, Marek Pruchniewski
Paweł Flis
Anna Wunderlich
Aleksandra Staszko
Marcin Macuk
Production Manager: 
Anna Pachnicka, Maja Włodarczyk
Piotr Dzięcioł
Eryk Lubos, Luu de Ly, Wojciech Zieliński, Krzysztof Kolberger, Stanisława Celińska, Joanna Kurowska



After one of his boxing matches, Igor learns that his brain has been severely damaged. As a result, his death is imminent. Knowing that he will die, he refuses surgery and focuses on leaving a child in his legacy. He visits an old friend’s ex-wife and tries to talk her into having his baby. When Monika refuses, Igor desperately tries to make several chance relationships work to zero effect. Finally, he finds a young Vietnamese girl Yen Ha who needs Polish citizenship. She agrees to marry him and have his child in exchange for legal status. Once they conceive, Igor’s health deteriorates and he decides to find someone to marry Yen Ha and raise his child. He looks Olo, an old friend whose life he ruined by sleeping with his wife. After convincing Olo, Igor counts the hours left; helping the new couple to get along and marry before he is gone. Acting as best man at the wedding, he heals old wounds and comes to terms with his mistakes by giving them a life that he will never have.


2007- Main Award at the Polish edition of the Hartley- Merrill Contest for Marcin Wrona and Grażyna Trela for "Tamagotchi" screepnplay (working title for „My flesh, my blood”)
2007- III prize at the Polish edition of the Hartley- Merrill Contest for Marcin Wrona and Grażyna Trela for "Tamagotchi"
2009 - Young and Cinema Festival in Koszalin – Journalists’ Award, Best Sound and Best Screenplay for „My flesh, my blood”
2009 - Zbyszek Cybulski Award for Eryk Lubos
2009 - 4th Cyprus International Film Festival (awards for: Best Screenplay, Best Actor for Eryk Lubos, Best Film („Golden Aphrodite”) and Best Director.