Opus Film, WFDiF, Platige Image, Paweł Borowski
Paweł Borowski
Paweł Borowski
Arkadiusz Tomiak
Wojciech Żogała
Anna Imiela-Szcześniak
Adam Burzyński
Production Manager: 
Jacek Gawryszczak
Piotr Dzięcioł
Robert Więckiewicz, Andrzej Mastalerz, Gabriela Muskała, Cezary Kosiński, Kamilla Baa, Marian Dziędziel



The sun rises over a huge, unspecified metropolis. An executive sits in his corner office in a high rise overlooking the city. A cell phone rings in one of his cabinets. The businessman opens the drawer and looks at the cell phone screen for a while, then he finally answers. On the other end of the line is a sloppy, fat guy calling from an old van. He asks for the decision regarding the tracking of a certain person. After hesitating a while, the businessman confirms the job. He does not suspect, that his “yes” sets a events in motion that will effect the lives of many other people.
This is the beginning of a multi-plot story, where the fates of many characters intertwine and where each of characters’ decisions bring consequences that effect everyone. “Zero” is a story about love and hatred, those who cheat and who are cheated, violence and sex, and the surprising secrets that we learn over the course of the next twenty-four hours. The machine that has been set in motion and will change the lives of everyone involved.


Capital Focus Award at Washington Filmfest DC 2010 (Best Film)
Leonardo’s Horse at Milano Film Festival Awards 2010 for: Best Film, Best Directing, Best Editing
Tarnow Film Award for P. Borowski- Statuette of Cameraman and Special Jury Award for Best Film Debut
The Golden Boar at Festival of Film Directing in Świdnica (Best Director)
Golden Grape, 39th Lubuskie Film Summer, Łagów 2010 (Best Film)
Anonimul Trophy- at Anonimul International Independent Film Festival 2010, Romania (Best Film)
Student’s Jury Award for Best Film, Cine Pecs, Hungary